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August 11, 2017

How to install Openelec on Raspberry Pi 2

It’s really simple. You just have to: Download Raspberry image ( correct one ) Download and install win32diskimager ( Image writer ) Format your SD card Write image to your SD card Insert mini SD card to Raspberry and turn it ON And you have it ! Ok that was a maybe a little too…

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October 24, 2016

Get list of active payment methods

This article is based on my favorite Magento site and it should be only as “bookmark” or “backup” if code will be no longer available on Inchoo.

October 22, 2016

Configure external monitor resolution

This article describes how to add external monitor resolution on Ubuntu system if there is no option for resolution, even if you know, that monitor supports that resolution.

September 11, 2016

Vim – beginning

For a years I heard and read almost a legendary stories about linux console editor, which is almost nightmare for a “normal” users ( ??? windows / mac ??? ). The editor was of course VI or it’s improved version VIM To be honest, from the beginning I truly believed those stories. I don’t remember clearly,…

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August 18, 2016

Magento 1 fix for PHP7

When you installed PHP7 and you try to run Magento 1 on it, you will end with fatal error. In this article we show, how we can simply fix that error.

August 7, 2016

Restart lightDm

Based on this post, restarting of lightdm is done by sudo service lightdm restart

June 23, 2016

ipconfig renew equivalent on linux

From my personal experience and also based i.e. on this post, if you need to make linux equivalent to “ipconfig /renew” you should run 2 commands : sudo dhclient -r to release current configuration and then just to get new one run sudo dhclient That should be all.

June 22, 2016

Wrong login resolution [Ubuntu]

Today I installed new Ubuntu 16.04 on my machine. After complete install I experienced with weird behavior of resolution when system started.

June 21, 2016

Gnome shell icon themes

This post is just bookmark for really nice icon packs for gnome shell theme. What is nice and what not is really a subjective point of view, so mentioned icons pack are just nice from subjective point of view  😉

June 12, 2016

Grep in Ubuntu

Grep is command which is used to search for some pattern in given context. Context could be file(s) or also some text: in form of passed context after “|” ( pipe ) syntax.