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Recently I was wondering why my aliases are not working on libreElec after I log in via SSH. I mean, my .bashrc was properly configured so what ?

So I start to google for explanation. Very quickly I understood, that most probably on libreElec is not used bash shell.Ā ( honestly, what I was thinking, right šŸ˜› )Ā So question:

What is my shell ?

I’ve found out, on systems I’m using it’s really easy to find out. Path to shell which is currently used is stored in global variableĀ SHELLĀ . So you will quickly find out with command

echo $SHELL

In my case output was


That is not clear answer, so let’s checkĀ /bin/sh more in detail:Ā 

ls -l /bin/sh

And we get final answer

/bin/sh -> busybox

So shell which is used on my current libreElec is actually busybox

Original issue

OK, so I’ve learned how to find out what shell is currently used. But what with my original alias problem ? Well, during looking for answer “.bashrc equivalent for busybox”Ā I’ve found out, thatĀ ( at least )Ā on libreElec, it’s just fine when you place file namedĀ 


in your home directory šŸ˜›Ā ( no rocket science really )

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