How to configure CodeSniffer for Magento 2 project in PhpStorm

In case you are working on Magento 2 project and for coding you are using PhpStorm, to create quality code as much as possible, is good to configure CodeSniffer validator.

In case of Magento 2 project it’s really easy to configure, because CodeSniffer is already part of Magento 2. In PhpStorm go to settings

File > Settings

And then navigate to section

Languages & Frameworks > PHP > Quality Tools > Code Sniffer
Code Sniffer configuration

Click on three dots next to Local select box. Then configure path to PHP CodeSniffer to location

[Magento 2 projects]/vendor/bin/phpcs

You can click on Validate button to see, if everything is OK. Then click on Apply button and then OK.

Now in configuration window move to part

Editor > Inspections > PHP > Quality tools

and tick checkbox next to option PHP Code Sniffer validation. Also look on the right side

Code Sniffer configuration detail

and from Coding Standard select box choose PSR-2 ( you can choose also PSR-1, but PSR-2 is more strict and precise )

Apply button then OK and everything is set.

I admit, that first days coding with PSR-2 standards might be tough, but you can use to it really fast and you will be write more readable code.

Happy coding …

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