I’m IT guy for you !

These day, if you’re IT guy, you know everything. Totally ! I’m going to share with you some nice experience as IT guy, which I solved for past few years … because: I know everyting ( because I’m IT geek ) …

My experiences

I started as junior PHP developer working with CMS TYPO3. Kind of full stack position with all BE / FE programming. After year or two I’ve moved to Magento e-commerce platform. After a while I’ve started to work with Magneto 2. ( still not fully specialized ) I’m quite a “talker” ( pretty rare for IT people ) During years, my position tranformed to team leader. I still work with Magneto 2. My team is responsible for integrating external services to our Magneto 2 installation.

So as you can see, talker with web programming experiences … no big deal …

So let’s start … Expert in any application

As far as I work whole day with computer ( moreover on Linux OS ) it’s obvious that I handle all the software of the world. No matter if it’s app for Windows, Mac, Android or iOS. Of course I know how to crack everything and download any software for free. Very simple

And after any installation, of course, I know to identify any problem. If for example AutoCAD does not show some layer, or you can’t make changes on this layer I can fix it.

Of course, conversion from locked PDF to Word or activation of MS Word itself I can do in few seconds !

E-commerce ? Expert in any e-shop

As far as I’m working with e-shops, I have no problem to control or make an order on any of them. I know to order from foreign e-shop, I can ensure that goods will be delivered and of course, traject via baltic see is no problem. You guess right, there is no space to any mistake. In case I’m making one, I see “the look”: What the hell of IT guy am I ?

Family trees – no problem

“Your are an IT guy – there is everything on the internet… could you can get any info about my great grandfather ?” Of course. No problem ! I open google ( specially modified for IT people ) and I’m on it. In a few minutes you get your results !

Teamviewer – saves the world

At the beginning I thought, teamviewer is the great tool. In case I want to help my friends or family, I don’t have to navigate them through the phone. They simply run the application, tell me their PIN code and I will fix whatever problem they have very quick. But … People really used to this feature … So example situation: Phone ringing -> I’m getting the phone -> “Hi, I have a problem, please connnect to my computer and fix it. You can fix it in few seconds and I’m struggling here for half an hour”

No problem. Of course ! There is nobody to care about if I’m driving or I have the best time of the day on the toilet


As an IT guy, I have plenty of free time. Even more, as far as I have flexible working time and I know to work from almost every place where I get my laptop with me, there is still believe that IT guys just get out from their work at 4 PM and they have tons of free time. After that, they’re just counting minutes till they go to bed. I’ve got all the knowledge at school, I know everything and I don’t need to learn anything new. Because of that I’m ideal candidate for homeworks to kids of my friends. You know, they are learning how to code and they have troubles with their homeworks. So there won’t be any problem for me to make 6~13 tasks from Python in my evening “free time”. The best way would be if the code I write, won’t look like it’s from coder with years of experiences in the field.

Hardware – I know trends and also what people needs

“I need to buy new PC. Which one should I buy ?” Have you ever experience with opening question like that ? From my point of view, this is beginning of at least half an hour questionnaire. But after third question as “What do you do usually on laptop” you can feel question in the air “That’s not your bussiness. I just want new laptop so don’t ask me personal questions !”

My TV doesn’t work !

Hi Erik. I have same TV provider as the internet provider. You are IT guy and you are making web pages. Aaaand … my TV doesn’t work … could you do something about it ? You know, you’re IT guy.

No phone can’t make problem to me

Contacts management ? Data migrations ? Contacts migrations ? I’m IT guy. I can handle anything !

My favorite video at the end

“You’re an expert” …

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