Power reset

Did you hear sometimes about “PoR” ?? I experienced once with that and I want to have noted it. Here is explanatory article about PoR. I almost bought new laptop because of this, but then I found out few articles about

How to perform power reset

and I tried it and it worked !

My story

Who really don’t like read some external article, I will shortly describe my situation with solution.One day I came to my laptop ( as every day for 4 years ) and I hit power on button. But nothing happened. Because even fan was not working, I thought it will be power on button itself or motherboard. So I took my laptop to PC-repair and after one day they returned to me my laptop with words, that they flashed new BIOS and changed battery.I tested powering my laptop on and off and everything was working. I came home and it was also working, but on the next day, problem occurred again. So I informed my preferred PC-repair service ( =) ) and they told me, to bring laptop for longer time. After one week, there was same result. They could not find any problem. Again they flashed BIOS and changed battery ( btw. again ? ) I did not turned on laptop for 3 days, but then I was even more surprised. Laptop just did not start. So I start to search internet and I found “PoR” stuff and it helped me

Just FYI

I’m fan of using Ubuntu distribution. But I have suspicion, that it happens every time when I turn off laptop from Ubuntu.

Power reset for my laptop

  1. Close all windows and turn the laptop off.
  2. Once the laptop is off, disconnect the AC adapter (power) and remove the battery.
  3. After removing the battery and disconnecting the power cord, leave the computer off for 30 seconds and while off, press and hold the power button in 5-10 second intervals.
  4. After 30 seconds, put the battery back in the laptop and connect the power cord.
  5. Turn the laptop on.

List of steps taken from www.computerhope.com

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