Updating Kodi on Raspberry Pi via SSH

If you are used to connect to your Kodi media center stored on Raspberry Pi via SSH ( which I am 😀 ) then maybe you find helpful and faster to updated your media center via SSH without any need to physically come to Raspberry Pi and do anything there. You should also find how to update LibreELEC on this page.

Steps to updated Kodi media center ( I’m using LibreELEC ) are really simple :

  1. Connect to your Raspberry Pi via SSH
  2. Go to folder /storage/.update
  3. Download latest update file
  4. Restart Kodi system

1. Connect to your RaspberryPi via SSH

In case you are reading this article, you are probably familiar with this step. You have to know IP address of your Raspberry PI device and then just log in to LibreELEC. So in terminal just run

.. and then just enter password

ssh root@[IP address]

2. Go to correct folder

Another simple step, which probably doesn’t need to be described. After you logged to your raspberry device, just write

cd /storage/.update

3. Download update file

This is maybe a little harder step as previous two. For LibreELEC go to download page and find “Manual update” section. There copy link of source file and write in the terminal of Raspberry

wget [link]

4. Reboot your Raspberry Pi

You can do that with command


or just restart Raspberry as you usually do. 

After Raspberry starts, you should see messages in top left corner about unpacking update file and installing. And that’s basically it.

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