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Have you noticed that from time to time, there is nice picture in your calendar events ? Have you ever wonder why is that and what logic is behind ?

After quick googling you found few posts, which are discussing this topic. Everything is based on keywords in title of your event. Lot of them are nicely listed in this quora post

And some of them are also mentioned on this blog
  • art: painting, art workshop, sketching workshop, drawing workshop
  • archery
  • auto repair
  • badminton: badminton
  • baseball: baseball
  • basketball: basketball
  • bbq: bbq, barbecue, barbeque
  • beer: beer, beers, Oktoberfest, October Fest, Octoberfest
  • billiard: billiard
  • bookclub: book club, reading
  • bowling: bowling
  • breakfast: breakfast, breakfasts, brunch, brunches
  • camping: camping
  • chinesenewyear: chinese new year, chinese new years, chinese new year’s
  • cinema: cinema, movies
  • clean: cleaning, clean the house, clean the apartment, clean house, tidy up, vacuum clean, vacuum cleaning
  • code: learn to code, coding time, hackathon, Rails Girls, Railsgirls, Hour of Code, Codecademy, Computer Science, Programming in Python, Web Programming, Programming in Java, Web Development
  • coffee: coffee, coffees
  • concert: concert, gig, concerts, gigs
  • cycling: bicycle, cycling, bike, bicycles, bikes, Biking
  • dancing: dance, dancing, dances
  • dentist: dentist, dentistry, dental
  • dinner: dinner, dinners, restaurant, restaurants, Family meal
  • drinks: cocktail, drinks, cocktails
  • fencing
  • football
  • golf: golf
  • graduation: graduation
  • gym: gym, workout, workouts
  • haircut: haircut, hair
  • halloween: halloween, helloween, hallowe’en, Allhalloween, All Hallows’ Eve, All Saints’ Eve
  • hiking: hiking, hike, hikes
  • karate
  • kayaking: kayaking
  • learninstrument: piano, singing, music Class, choir practice, flute, orchestra, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, cornett, trumpet, contrabass, cello, trombone, tuba, music ensemble, string quartett, guitar lesson, classical music, choir
  • learnlanguage: French Course, German Course, English Course, …, French Class, German Class, English Class, …, Practice French, Practice German, Practice English, …
  • lunch: lunch, lunches, luncheon
  • manicure: manicure, pedicure, manicures, pedicures
  • massage: massage, back rub, backrub, massages
  • newyear: new year, new year’s, new years
  • oilchange: oil change, car service
  • pingpong: ping pong, table tennis, ping-pong, pingpong
  • planmyday: plan week, plan quarter, plan day, plan vacation, week planning, vacation planning
  • pride: dyke march, christopher street day, gay parade, gay pride, gayglers, gaygler, lesbian march, lesbian parade, lesbian pride, euro pride, europride, world pride, worldpride
  • reachout: reach out to, write letter, send invitations
  • read: reading, newspaper
  • repair: fridge repair, handyman, electrician, DIY
  • running: jog, jogging, running, jogs, runs
  • sailing: sail, sailing, boat cruise, sailboat
  • santa: Santa Claus, Father Christmas
  • skiing: skiing, ski, skis, Snowboarding, snowshoeing, snow shoe, snow boarding
  • sleep
  • soccer: soccer
  • swimming: swim, swimming, swims
  • taekwondo
  • tennis: tennis
  • thanksgiving: thanksgiving
  • violin: violin, violins
  • walk: going for a walk, walking
  • wedding: wedding, wedding eve, wedding-eve party, weddings
  • xmas: christmas, xmas, x-mas
  • xmasmeal: christmas dinner, christmas lunch, christmas brunch, christmas luncheon, xmas lunch, xmas luncheon, x-mas dinner, x-mas lunch, x-mas brunch, x-mas luncheon, christmas eve dinner, christmas eve lunch, christmas eve brunch, christmas eve luncheon, xmas eve dinner, xmas eve lunch, xmas eve brunch, xmas eve luncheon, x-mas eve dinner, x-mas eve lunch, x-mas eve brunch, x-mas eve luncheon
  • xmasparty: christmas party, xmas party, x-mas party, christmas eve party, xmas eve party, x-mas eve party
  • yoga: yoga

You can check all those images right now if you use this link :

And replade ID with keyword mentioned in list above.

Pretty nice huh ? πŸ™‚ 

Edit 02/20: Based on presonal testing of random images ( IDs ), I’ve found out not all IDs in the list are working with testing URL. However, after real test in Google Calendar, I’ve seen it’s working. BTW: I’ve found also IDs, which are working in testing URL, but I can’t make them work in Google Calendar. I guess it could be because of location of the application .. Also added few more IDs based on your comments

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  1. Thank you! Best overview of these keywords so far. Do you know how to change these pictures by using one’s own images?

  2. Thanks for this compilation!
    I would add:
    walk dog (don’t know the ID, but it works on the calendar)

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