Logitech devices on Ubuntu – Solaar

Are you fan of Logitech devices ? Are you using them on daily basis ? Are you missing at least some control options you could have over your devices in Ubuntu ? Try Solaar

This post won’t be long. I just want to mention that I’m using Solaar application for quite a time and I’m very satisfied with it.

You can find Solaar project on gitHub 👉 https://github.com/pwr-Solaar/Solaar . It’s installation is easy ( I’m not sure, if it’s already in Ubuntu repositories ).

Anyhow, what I like the most on this application is, that it’s not chatty, not trying to steal my attention, but in case I want to use it it’s always there.

For me, it’s always visible in gnome panel

.. and after clicking it I can check what devices I have connected and what is their battery status. Other features are nice to adjust, but most of them “one timers”. ( so you set it once and not bother anymore )

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